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Walking With Shorewalkers: The Videos

2022-03-14T11:12:31+00:00January 29, 2022|Hike Report, videos|

We want to thank the many people who published their videos taken on walks with Shorewalkers which we are re-posting. Have a video you would like to share?  Email us at, and include the link to your video. Great Saunter Great Saunter 2014 The Walks Kissina Park in Autumn ...

Thirty-Five Years Ago

2022-01-09T18:34:03+00:00January 3, 2022|Advocacy, Articles, Hike Report|

Thirty-five years ago--January 5, 1987 to be exact,  Rachel Donner, a still current hike leader for Shorewalkers wrote  an article  (reprinted below) for the newsletter explaining our mission to preserve and protect the shores. On January fourth, the first Sunday of the new year, 17 Shorewalkers assembled at the South ...

San Diego: A Virtual Great Saunter Tour

2022-01-22T16:45:04+00:00October 23, 2021|Hike Report, Virtual Great Saunter|

Exploring San Diego on foot, was a completely new experience from my usual drives through the area.  Starting with a night walk, I toured the downtown area, from the Star of India clipper ship to Petco Park through the lively Gaslamp district, with visitors packing the sidewalk tables of all ...

An Explosion of Street Art

2022-01-22T17:01:02+00:00October 1, 2021|Hike Report|

I’ve always had an interest in street art, which may have been sparked from my time working in the advertising industry. Back in the day, large scale murals displayed on billboards were hand painted, rather than digitally created, printed and applied as many are today. They were true works of ...

Interview with Hike Leader Brigitte Stark-Merklein

2021-09-27T12:29:17+00:00May 20, 2021|Articles, Hike Report|

Interview with Shorewalkers’ Hike Leader Brigitte Stark-Merklein (by Christine Yost, June 2021) “An intriguing and surprising tour,” I found myself thinking as I continued along with Shorewalkers’ hike leader Brigitte Stark-Merklein on her recent “Murals of Spanish Harlem” walk. At the start, Brigitte provided an overview of the streets ...

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