Thirty-Five Years Ago

2022-01-09T18:34:03-05:00January 3, 2022|Hike Report, Advocacy, Articles|

Thirty-five years ago--January 5, 1987 to be exact,  Rachel Donner, a still current hike leader for Shorewalkers wrote  an article  (reprinted below) for the newsletter explaining our mission to preserve and protect the shores. On January fourth, the first Sunday of the new year, 17 Shorewalkers assembled at the South ...

Harlem River Valley Map/Guide

2021-11-11T12:30:41-05:00October 11, 2011|Advocacy, Articles|

Shorewalkers published a map and guide to the Harlem River Valley.  This four-color map/guide displays the many attractions along the six-mile stretch of the Harlem River.  It features a trail, charted by Shorewalkers, that takes the walker under and over the spectacular bridges spanning the River and to the many cultural, ...


2021-11-30T15:51:38-05:00February 12, 2011|Advocacy, Articles|

BEGINNINGS: PIONEERING WALKS ALONG A CHANGING URBAN WATERFRONT The Shorewalkers was formed in 1982 after a few curious New Yorkers set out to explore the waterfronts and shorelines in the greater New York Metropolitan region. In the 1980s, large sections of the shoreline were inaccessible, and several piers were inhabited ...

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