Exploring San Diego on foot, was a completely new experience from my usual drives through the area.  Starting with a night walk, I toured the downtown area, from the Star of India clipper ship to Petco Park through the lively Gaslamp district, with visitors packing the sidewalk tables of all the restaurants. Lightning illuminated the hills in the distance turning into the biggest lightning storm seen in years, with rain now falling as I finished my first segment.

The second segment, not as fun, started from my house all the way to Mesa College, through dull business buildings and non-descript houses. I couldn’t get on campus because masks were required and I hadn’t brought mine, so I walked around the Covid testing station and came home.

The final segment was amazing. The weather was beautiful and cool, and all remnants of the lightning storm had dissipated. Starting at the Zoo, I walked through a Craft Faire at the Spanish Village, listened to the organist warming up for the weekly Sunday concert, and walked across the 2 suspension bridges into Middletown where I chatted with a man who was blaring opera into the streets, and another who was walking his dog in a baby carriage. I then passed by the largest topiary display I’ve ever seen in a person’s front yard.

Just down the hill from I was in Old Town, filled with tourists enjoying themselves as a Mariachi Band played in the background.  A little further on, I suddenly I found myself in the bland Midway district, with its businesses, rushing traffic, and homeless people.

The entrance to Mission Beach  was a disaster for a Saunterer.  As I was crossing the entrance to the freeway the driver in the first lane stopped and waved me on, but the guy in the second lane almost hit me.  Walkers have to be alert at all times.

The bicycle segment of the Mission Bay Triathlon whooshed by me as I was reaching the Belmont Pier roller coaster. During the several miles walk along the beach boardwalk, I bought a lemonade from a kid who claimed he was selling for charity. His charity might have been his pocket, but it sure tasted good.

Finishing the walk at Pacific Beach I was surprised by my family who had a finish line tape for me to break through.  A perfect end to a wonderful walk.

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