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Interview with Hike Leader Brigitte Stark-Merklein

2021-09-27T12:29:17-05:00May 20, 2021|Articles, Hike Report|

Interview with Shorewalkers’ Hike Leader Brigitte Stark-Merklein (by Christine Yost, June 2021) “An intriguing and surprising tour,” I found myself thinking as I continued along with Shorewalkers’ hike leader Brigitte Stark-Merklein on her recent “Murals of Spanish Harlem” walk. At the start, Brigitte provided an overview of the streets ...

Interview With Nick DiNapoli 2017

2021-11-16T16:34:55-05:00July 19, 2017|Articles|

Nick, a native New Yorker, first heard of Shorewalkers through a friend, some 20 years ago.  His first walk was one led by Shorewalkers founder Cy Adler on a cold winter day; a hike to see the fountains of New York City.  It was a first, no doubt intriguing impression and Nick joined ...

Interview with Frank Bamberger

2021-11-16T13:09:15-05:00December 14, 2016|Articles|

Frank Bamberger is a longtime walk leader for Shorewalkers, as well as a member of the Shorewalkers’ Board of Directors. Frank leads walks that feature areas just outside the easily accessible NYC urban area. Traveling by Metro North train, LIRR, and/or ferry, Frank leads walks to the shores and towns ...

Interview with Hike Leaders Elizabeth and Jack McCleland 2016

2021-11-22T23:31:58-05:00August 15, 2015|Articles|

For over 10 years Liz and Jack have been involved in Shorewalkers leading walks for much of that time.  They started walking with various leaders and began thinking of walks they thought would be interesting and fun.  This led to their “End of the Line,” “End to End,” and “Queens/Brooklyn Greenway” series. ...

Interview with Shorewalker Hike Leader Gerry Matusiewicz 2015

2021-11-18T13:45:27-05:00January 31, 2015|Uncategorized|

About five years ago, invited by a friend, Gerry very much enjoyed a group walk through lower Manhattan.  Pleased by the walk and the sights, Gerry quickly became an avid walker.  He looked into the many walking groups, tried a few, and found Shorewalkers particularly appealing.  Shorewalkers features a wide ...

Interview With Hike Leader Ellen Juro

2021-11-28T13:47:36-05:00August 27, 2014|Articles|

Ellen Juro is a longtime Shorewalker.  Ellen joined Shorewalkers in the early 1980’s, first enjoying the club’s walks, later becoming a walk leader as well as one of the Shorewalkers Directors. In reminiscing, Ellen recalls when Shorewalkers’ Great Saunter was just starting out, initially with fewer than 100 participants:  not ...

Interview with Tom Bergen

2021-11-11T12:24:23-05:00April 29, 2014|Articles|

An interview with Tom Bergen reveals an energetic New Yorker, fascinated with the city, a walker who enjoys wearing many hats.   Perhaps best known to Shorewalkers as a Shorewalker leader, many who have been on Tom’s walks have shared his fun exploring little known parts of the city and his ...

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