Why Shorewalkers Stands Out

2023-01-28T13:03:26-05:00January 28, 2023|Articles, Hike Report, Uncategorized|

By Laura Clark, Brigitte Stark-Merklein and Maureen Barodin (Shorewalkers Hike Leader Committee). At the beginning of the new year, the Shorewalkers Hike Leader Committee had the enjoyable task of reviewing our hike leaders’ accomplishments in 2022. As we were putting together a summary of the year’s hikes, we couldn’t help ...

What Shorewalkers Means to Me

2022-11-07T12:44:16-05:00November 6, 2022|Articles, Uncategorized|

I’ve long been a walker. In High School my boyfriend and I would walk from midtown Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge, catching the subway to Brighton Beach at DeKalb Avenue. I loved the sense of accomplishment and self-reliance derived from getting to a destination entirely on my own power. I ...

Interview with Shorewalker Hike Leader Gerry Matusiewicz 2015

2021-11-18T13:45:27-05:00January 31, 2015|Uncategorized|

About five years ago, invited by a friend, Gerry very much enjoyed a group walk through lower Manhattan.  Pleased by the walk and the sights, Gerry quickly became an avid walker.  He looked into the many walking groups, tried a few, and found Shorewalkers particularly appealing.  Shorewalkers features a wide ...

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