The 35th anniversary of Shorewalkers Great Saunter will best be remembered for the worst weather ever: rain, cold, and wind. This saunter especially was a test of the mental and physical capabilities, as well as the determination of all participants.  Despite the rain gear, ponchos, and other waterproofs, everyone was wet yet sauntered on with smiles on their faces.

About 1500 participants out of the 2500 registrants walked the Great Saunter this year. More than a third of these, 560 walkers to be exact, walked the entire 32-mile route.

People went to extraordinary lengths to complete the walk. There was the gentleman we met by the Circle Line who despite his Parkinson’s disease would walk part of the way, at other times “walk” with the help of his son who would push his wheelchair, and occasionally walk with the help of his wheelchair by pushing it. The entire family came together to help this gentleman and by doing so, they also participated in the saunter. There was Jessie M. and her group calling out the numbers as they passed each mile. When they reached mile 28, they decided to keep pushing on in-spite of the blisters on their feet. At the finish line we met a woman who during the walk, had stopped at her house, dried her clothes, then left the warm comfort of her home to venture back into the rain and wind to complete the Great Saunter. Leslie I. the young woman pictured above finished her Saunter at 10:00 PM, which is a record time for finishing among the last,

Congratulations to all.

If anyone finished the Great Saunter but didn’t receive a certificate email us at and we will mail it out. Please include your address.

Have a Great Saunter story you would like to share?  Email us.
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