By Laura Clark, Brigitte Stark-Merklein and Maureen Barodin (Shorewalkers Hike Leader Committee).

At the beginning of the new year, the Shorewalkers Hike Leader Committee had the enjoyable task of reviewing our hike leaders’ accomplishments in 2022. As we were putting together a summary of the year’s hikes, we couldn’t help but be amazed by the rich variety offered.

Our hike leaders guided our members on walks over (and under) bridges and along the shorelines of rivers, beaches and other waterways in New York and New Jersey; on forest and other nature hikes in Westchester, New Jersey and wooded areas in the city and surroundings; and on lots of urban hikes in the boroughs. We walked the routes of the NYC marathon and half marathon, and we added to our “themed” walks, enjoying architectural and historic sites, kayaking, street art, concerts, and holiday lights as well as beer, ice cream and vegan food. We had our first silent walk and organized walks to mark Women’s and Black History Months, Halloween, and the National Day of Joy.

                         Sea Girt, NJ

We walked mornings, afternoons, and evenings, on weekdays and weekends, in sunshine, rain, and fog. Some of us discovered areas we had no idea existed in the city limits and across the river in New Jersey. Who knew that there is a salt marsh in Brooklyn, or a marsh 20 minutes east of Port Authority? Or that there are seals living close to the rocky shores of Orchard beach in the Bronx?

As a group, we offered 239 walks covering 2,073 miles. The broad range of the mileage and pace of the different walks we led, from brisk 34-mile hikes to leisurely 3- to 4-mile strolls and everything in between, made it possible for a wide range of people to join us. And the number of participants, as well as the post-hike comments, demonstrate that Shorewalkers members appreciate the efforts and dedication our hike leaders bring to the table..

Below is a  link to the list of Shorewalkers 2022 walks by date

2022 walks by date

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