Shorewalkers published a map and guide to the Harlem River Valley.  This four-color map/guide displays the many attractions along the six-mile stretch of the Harlem River.  It features a trail, charted by Shorewalkers, that takes the walker under and over the spectacular bridges spanning the River and to the many cultural, recreational, educational and other attractions in Upper Manhattan and the West Bronx. Shorewalkers’ HRV MAP/GUIDE will be of great interest to educators, developers, environmentalists, walkers, businesses, visitors, and government.  The HRV MAP/GUIDE will encourage people to visit the area, frequent its businesses, and enjoy its recreational opportunities.

Among the letters of Letters of Support, we have received for the map are those from Hon. Adrian Benepe, NYC Parks Commissioner; Hon. Adolfo Carrion, Bronx B.P.; Hon. Helen Foster, Chair of Parks Committee of the NY City Council.

We thank the Littauer Foundation, NYC Councilperson Helen Foster, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, and NYC Environmental Fund for grants supporting this project. We welcome other persons and groups who would like to help print and distribute the HRV Map/Guide.

For an online copy of the map, click the following link: Harlem River Valley Map.

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