For over 10 years Liz and Jack have been involved in Shorewalkers leading walks for much of that time.  They started walking with various leaders and began thinking of walks they thought would be interesting and fun.  This led to their “End of the Line,” “End to End,” and “Queens/Brooklyn Greenway” series.

Before each walk Liz and Jack walk and map the route making notes of interesting landmarks and features along the way and possible spots for a break.  Their walks are generally over 10 miles and at a brisk, steady pace.

One of the pleasures of these walks is discovering new and unique neighborhoods, places tourists and even many local New Yorkers rarely get to see.  What also makes the walks interesting for them is the diversity of cultures encountered and the architectural surprises and, of course, it’s always fun to see old friends and make new ones who join their walks. Not only is walking a way to explore the city’s neighborhoods but it is also a great way to exercise – much more appealing than staring off into space on a treadmill in a gym.  Liz and Jack are now planning their next couple of walks and find the possibilities endless.  They try to design walks that are both challenging and fun.

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