Frank Bamberger is a longtime walk leader for Shorewalkers, as well as a member of the Shorewalkers’ Board of Directors. Frank leads walks that feature areas just outside the easily accessible NYC urban area. Traveling by Metro North train, LIRR, and/or ferry, Frank leads walks to the shores and towns of Fire Island, and to stroll the paths of woodland historic houses and gaze upon views along the Hudson River just north of NYC.  A visit to Fire Island, world renowned for its grand beaches, eclectic architecture, and lack of motor vehicle traffic, is a summertime treat. These are destinations that Frank has thoroughly explored, and his hands-on knowledge makes for a very informative walk, as well as one that maximizes the joyful surprises along the way. Frank strives to ensure that walkers have a happy and healthy walk.

Frank intentionally provides the walkers with site information so that they are empowered to take the walk by themselves in the future if they so desire. Frank is delighted that on one of his walks, a couple of strangers met and a number of years later he was invited to their wedding.  Frank’s love of walking and the outdoors comes from his early childhood, notably his mom’s exuberance for walking, hiking and skiing in European mountains and forests.

Frank volunteers for a number of NYC area walking clubs as well as Dorot, a social service agency, and NYC’s Big Apple Greeters. As such, Frank is engaged in a wealth of outreach and is energized by his variety of connections. For Big Apple Greeters, Frank enjoys taking foreign visitors around the city, especially to unusual and off the beaten tourist path locations.

Shorewalkers is fortunate to have Frank on its Board of Directors. He organizes social events for the club and helps with its financial health as well. The once a year “thank you” dinners for Shorewalkers’ volunteer walk leaders are quite popular and promote interaction among the walk leaders. Regarding finances, Frank, along with another Board member, Pam Cress, has been able to continue to seek and receive yearly funding from Con Edison for Shorewalker activities. This includes funding assistance for Shorewalkers’ unique 32 mile walk around Manhattan Island, the annual Great Saunter. In addition, at Con Edison stockholders’ meetings Frank has spoken out to applaud and thank Con Edison for its support.

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