Harlem River Valley Map/Guide

2021-11-11T12:30:41-05:00October 11, 2011|Articles, Advocacy|

Shorewalkers published a map and guide to the Harlem River Valley.  This four-color map/guide displays the many attractions along the six-mile stretch of the Harlem River.  It features a trail, charted by Shorewalkers, that takes the walker under and over the spectacular bridges spanning the River and to the many cultural, ...

Walking by Waters 2011

2021-12-04T14:22:49-05:00August 4, 2011|Articles, Cy Adler|

WALKING BY WATERS is a collection of mostly urban, waterfront, color photos taken from 1984 to 2010, mainly of shore areas most New Yorkers know nothing about. These extraordinary photos were snapped mainly by Cy Adler, founder of Shorewalkers, Inc. The book is dedicated to all the Shorewalkers who have ...

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