WALKING BY WATERS is a collection of mostly urban, waterfront, color photos taken from 1984 to 2010, mainly of shore areas most New Yorkers know nothing about. These extraordinary photos were snapped mainly by Cy Adler, founder of Shorewalkers, Inc. The book is dedicated to all the Shorewalkers who have helped plan and organize many of the scenes you will see depicted herein.

Waterways have always attracted the author. During the past 35 years, he has explored on foot the waterfronts of rivers, bays, estuaries, canals, lakes, meers, bights, sounds, marshes, ponds, waterfalls, aqueducts, and kills around New York and New Jersey. On these expeditions, often with other Shorewalkers, he’s trod more than a thousand miles of changing littorals and taken a few thousand pictures.

In WALKING BY WATERS you will find a collection of photographs that will give you a sense of the amazingly varied, evolving urban waterfronts around us. See glorious debris and shadows under the Hell Gate Bridge, the elegant Highbridge Tower beheaded by vandals in the 1980’s, and nearby waterfalls you never knew existed. See Shorewalkers clinging to a chain-link fence on a ledge above the Harlem River; see beautiful waterscapes…and much more.

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