My New Zealand Saunter

By Linda Manco 

Two years ago I set out to walk and explore every street and avenue of Manhattan, 818kms in all, starting with the 52kms perimeter walk (for me four days and 84kms because there was so much to  explore!) In a month.   I walked a total of 583kms, which included Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and places  in-between. My 800kms Manhattan walk is not finished yet! Every May, Shorewalkers holds the Great Saunter, when people walk Manhattan’s perimeter in one day. I had hoped to do it this year but Covid said no. Instead, I’m doing the ‘Virtual Great Saunter 52 kms in Auckland, over 3 days. 

Yesterday I walked the Coast to Coast Walkway, literally across New Zealand from the Waitemata Harbour (Pacific Ocean) to the Manukau Harbour (Tasman Sea).  Although it is just a 16 km walk, I managed to make it 29 km because I explored, climbed, diverted and  got a bit lost once or twice.  Day 3 was a cold grey day of spectacular views, diverse natural  and built landscape, surprising, lovely finds in one of the oldest parts of Auckland, three grumpy cats,  and Te Ara I Whiti (The Lightpath) a pink, disused motorway ramp, now a bike and walking path (with  lighting which changes color at night). 20.61kms today. A total of 72.59 kms (45.10 US miles) in three days, enough for a Great Saunter certificate! 

Keeping the Torch Lit

By Angel Marzan

It came to light as another birthday passed for me this August that I decided to walk Broadway from the top of Manhattan to the bottom (Broadway Bridge to the Battery) and during my planning I heard about your organization and the Great Saunter.

Cy Adler and his wife were good friends with my mom and lived in my neighborhood on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.  My mother was very politically active and most of her friends, like Cy and his wife, shared that passion.

It’s illuminating reading about Cy’s creation of this Saunter his many accomplishments as well as in the restoration, development, and accessibility of Manhattan’s shoreline. It’s a beautiful legacy. The fact that he was connected with my family in any way makes me feel blessed.

A few years ago, Cy and my mom ran into each other and he gave her a copy of the Batt to Bear book and he inscribed it to “Keep Walking”.  My sister gave me the book and I carried it with me on My Successful Semi Saunter down the Great White Way.  This has inspired me to one day do the Great Saunter.

After reading about your Virtual Great Saunter, I felt saddened that the consistent tradition that Cy started will be broken because of COVID and although I understand the current concerns and precautions in the world, I believe someone should actually walk it. I mean no Olympics and no Saunter?

And since I live and worked in the area I plan to do so carefully, responsibly yet boldly.  I hope to keep your Saunter going and I pray that I can do it in under 12 hours. This unsanctioned attempt will go up the Eastside and down the west.  I plan to begin at a Sunrise and hope to have a beer and at Fraunces Tavern at the end.

My goal is to keep the torch lit for Cy and to let those who come from around the world to walk the rim of Manhattan that the Great Saunter lives.

Saunter Déjà Vu

By Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

My saunter was in 2 halves. The first half of the walk, on Oct 3rd, I walked from the World Trade Center to the 207th street 14 miles long. On the second half of the walk, Oct. 8th, I took the number 1 Subway train to the 207th. Street subway stop. From there I walked down the Eastside following the Great Saunter route. Directions were good until I came to a detour that I walked around as best I could. The distance from the 207th Street subway stop to the WTC is 18 miles which is my 32-mile virtual saunter walk.

Added to the 32 Great Saunters that I have walked in the past the total number of walks is now 33 walks. Hope to see you again at the next Great Saunter.

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