Under grey threatening clouds with the forecast to clear but winds picking up, 30 people from Shorewalkers, friends, and neighbors came out to say farewell to our friend Cy A Adler, Shorewalkers founder and president for 37 years.  Descending from the Manhattan Streets at 155th Street participants–I will not say mourners as we came to celebrate the life of Cy–descended to the Greenway and walked to the Little Red Lighthouse.  As people started to speak the sun started to emerge from the clouds.

A similar theme emerged as people related their experiences with Cy.  Yes most of  us met him through hiking.  Yes the hikes were nice.  But it was Cy himself that drew us into Shorewalkers.  From his varied interests as a trained oceanographer, he was an inventor, writer, and advocate for shore access. Gerry put it best when he told us of his experience of getting “sucked into leading hikes”.  On a hike in which Gerry participated, he approached Cy to tell him he was thinking of running a hike in Poughkeepsie. Cy then went to the participants to introduce Gerry as our new hike leader.  Thank-you Gerry and Thank-You Cy.

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