THE BATT TO BEAR TRAIL, from the Battery to Bear Mountain connects New York and New Jersey communities to scenic wilderness 50 miles to the north. This new winding pathway along the “queen of rivers” flows through varied urban, geological and ecological regions. Scouted by the Shorewalkers since 1984, the BTB Trail is described in the new book Walking the Hudson Batt to Bear, a guide which gives the story of this 56-mile greenway

Starting at the mouth of the Hudson River in sight of the Statue of Liberty and Jersey City, the Batt to Bear Trail winds up the historic and varied west coast of Manhattan through seven parks and along new promenades to the Little Red Lighthouse. The trail swings west over the George Washington Bridge to the majestic Jersey Palisades, and then down the Carpenters steps to the shore trail. The BTB Trail then passes through five wildly beautiful, wooded parks, some underneath and some above the 500-foot palisades. It transverses three small riverside towns. The trail touches many historic sites including Castle Clinton, Grant’s Tomb, Major Andre’s treason site, the Cornwallis House, Stony Point Battlefield and Hessian Lake.

One leg of the BTB Trail runs along an abandoned commuter railroad right- of-way near Nyack. Almost the entire trail, including the Bear Mountain leg in the Hudson Highlands, is within sight (or shouting distance) of the Hudson River.

The Batt to Bear Trail is probably the most historic, varied and exciting trail in America for its size. This unusual greenway is accessible to millions of people from all walks of life. It will enhance use of The Hudson River Park, Riverside Park, the Palisades parks, and Bear Mountain State Park.

Dear Friend:

The BATT TO BEAR TRAIL— winding from the Battery in downtown Manhattan to Bear Mountain–touches the back door of ten million Americans: rich, poor, hikers, handicapped. These seekers of beauty in the outdoors beside the Hudson can reach the checkpoints of the BTB Trail by public transportation, by bike or by foot. No other trail in America is so democratic or accessible to so many people.

Hikers from around the world and the New York -New Jersey area are already exploring the magnificent BTB Trail. But to complete it, maintain it and bring it to the attention of the public we require help. We ask you to join our grassroots efforts to make this extraordinary trail a reality.

Our dream is about ordinary people working together to create an entity composed of natural and manmade elements which is greater than the sum of its parts. Join us in this effort to reconnect millions of humans with nature and the outdoors and preserve dwindling open space.

The BATT TO BEAR TRAIL is a people’s pathway. The BTB Trail can be reached by public transportation at over a dozen entry points between its legs. Thousands of walkers have shared the unique and exhilarating experience of climbing over the palisades, through grassy greenways, forests of tall trees, along the shores of the Hudson, though historic hamlets and monumental battles. Most of the trail is complete but we need your support to link several legs, apply signage, publicize the trail and maintain it.

What are you waiting for? Join Us!

Enhance, enjoy and protect our New York Metro waterfront parks, promenades and paths.