Hello! The Great Saunter of 2009 was a huge success! Thank you for your support! For a list of upcoming Shorewalkers events, please check our hike calendar.

On April 18, 2009, Shorewalkers’ president Cy A Adler sang “The Shorewalkers Saunter” with its co-writer, folk singer Pete Seeger. See below for a full news release, pictures and a recording of the performance.


In excellent voice and upbeat demeanor, Pete Seeger sang and spoke at Teachers College’s GO-GREEN FESTIVAL on April 18,2009.

Pete talked about the things he discovered while walking around Manhattan’s rim. With Cy A Adler he introduced a new song The Shorewalkers Saunter whose chorus is:

You don’t know, you don’t know this town,

you don’t know, you don’t know this town,

Till you join the Shorewalkers

and they get you walking around.

Soon to be 90, Pete will celebrate his birthday on May 3rd at Madison Square Garden, a day after the Great Saunter of 2009 on May 2nd. Over 100 singers and musicians will join him. Proceeds go to The Hudson River Clearwater group.

Pete said we have been lucky, so far, to have lived without a nuclear war. He looked forward to a brighter future with President Barack Obama leading the way.

Many sang along with Pete’s songs including: Turn, Turn, Turn, Give Up The Gun and She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain When She Comes (with sound effects.) The audience, which included lots of cute kids sitting in the bright sun, loved the performance.

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