The Great Saunter, Shorewalkers epic urban hike, is a 32-mile physical and mental challenge that will let you see New York as you’ve never seen it before! Discover hidden parks, remote shorelines and neighborhoods you rarely visit along the ever-changing perimeter of Manhattan.

Can I purchase lunch in Inwood Hill Park?

2023-03-21T20:35:21-05:00March 26, 2021||

There are no food vendors in Inwood Hill Park where we have our lunch break. If you need to pick up food, there are a few delis near the start, a food hall just off the route at 125th St. (Manhattanville Market), and a farmer’s market and take-out shops close to our lunch stop ...

Are there snacks along the way? 

2023-03-21T20:32:14-05:00March 26, 2021||

Several snack stops are planned along the Great Saunter route, where snacks will be distributed while supplies last.  However, we recommend that participants bring their own snacks (fruit, nuts, energy bars) to keep fueled throughout the event.

Will there be water stations?

2023-03-21T20:29:31-05:00March 26, 2021||

We advise you bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated throughout, refilling at water fountains in the parks and playgrounds along the route OR purchasing water from convenience stores you may pass.

How do I train for the Great Saunter?

2021-03-26T20:54:47-05:00March 26, 2021||

Before attempting the Great Saunter, consult your physician to insure long distance walking is right for you.  We recommend walking regularly in the months leading up to the Great Saunter to build endurance and become familiar with your pace and hot points. Shorewalkers provides many walks of various distances to ...

Do people wear sneakers or a hiking shoe to walk the event?

2021-03-26T20:51:49-05:00March 26, 2021||

We recommend that participants wear whatever shoes they know in advance are most comfortable over long distances, ideally a pair you’ve broken in. Given the long-distance and paved surfaces, we recommend not wearing anything heavier than a trail shoe. If you take 64,000 steps to complete the Great Saunter, a lighter ...

Do most people finish?

2021-03-26T20:51:19-05:00March 26, 2021||

Historically, half of those who start the Great Saunter walk the full 32 miles. Finishing is not an obligation! If one is unable to complete the Great Saunter in a single day, we recommend returning another year to cover unexplored sections. Go as far as you feel comfortable and enjoy ...

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