What’s the difference between the two Shorewalkers Meetup groups?

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The Shorewalkers: Members Only group is limited to active, paying members of Meetup. Post your walks to this group and you’ll find better attendance and you won’t need to collect donations. The larger Shorewalkers: General group allows non-members to sample our walks and for Shorewalkers to recruit new members. If you ...

What’s the best method for scouting a walk?

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If you are planning a hike on a walkway, such as the Hudson River Greenway, you may be able to lead the hike after only walking the route once. Check for detours and dangerous conditions, note the location of restrooms and dropout points, decide where to stop for lunch, and ...

Where can I get ideas for new walks?

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Online resources such as Untapped Cities (untappedcities.com), Atlas Obscura (atlasobscura.com) and Forgotten New York (forgotten-ny.com) publish detailed posts on New York City, such as “The Top 10 Secrets of NYC’s Floyd Bennett Field.” Meetup walking groups are an excellent resource, including walks previously posted by Shorewalkers that are no longer ...

Will water and snacks be provided?

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Some snacks and water are provided along the route (while supplies last), but we recommend bringing your own snacks and lunch as well as a water bottle to refill at water fountains in parks and playgrounds.

How should I train?

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Consult your physician if you have any concerns about completing a long-distance walk. To train, we recommend building your endurance by walking regularly, and increasing your distance over time. It may be helpful to find a training program (search “how to train for long-distance walking”). Tracking your miles can also ...

Is it better to wear sneakers or hiking boots?

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Given the paved surfaces and the long distance (you may take more than 64,000 steps to complete the Saunter), lighter shoes, like running or trail shoes, may be better than hiking boots. We recommend that you test your shoes during your training and go with those that are most comfortable ...

Are dogs welcome?

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Sure, as long as you’re comfortable with their ability to walk a long distance on crowded trails and sidewalks and you bring enough water and snacks to keep them well.

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