At a June 13, 2017 Shorewalkers Board of Directors meeting, the Board discussed and voted on the Shorewalker President position.  This followed up on the desire of Cy Adler, founder and President since 1982, to relinquish the position.

Shorewalkers is pleased to announce that David Hogarty has been elected President.  Shorewalkers’ Search and Transition committee, established to seek a new Shorewalkers President, met a number of times over the past two years, creating a job description and requirements for the position.

After careful consideration, David Hogarty was the committee’s nominee for Shorewalkers President, with Cy recognized as Chairman-Emeritus.  At the June Board meeting, David featured his active interest in Shorewalkers and his history with the group, from leading walks to assisting in the club’s online web platforms and expanding outreach via social media.  After a vigorous discussion, a motion to make David the new President was approved unanimously by the Board.  Thus, Shorewalkers took a necessary step to ensure the continuation of the club.

The Board extended its thanks to both Cy and to David.   David became President, effective immediately and we are pleased to give him our full support.  Please join us in congratulating David Hogarty and Cy Adler in their new roles.

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