Shorewalkers Terms & Conditions

Your participation in any of our activities is your acknowledgment that you are solely responsible for your own assessment of your abilities and physical fitness to participate in that activity.   Participants in any Shorewalkers activity are encouraged to discuss with the hike leader any limitation they may have that could affect their ability to fully participate in an event, especially on hikes outside city limits such as those on hiking trails.  The hike leader may refuse to take anyone who lacks proper equipment as indicated in the hike description.  Walkers must be physically fit and by joining an event, you agree to waive all rights and claims for damages against Shorewalkers, its officers, directors, hike leaders, employees, event personnel or volunteers. If you bring a minor to an event, you acknowledge that you agree to all terms & conditions for this child/ward.

Shorewalkers does not tolerate inappropriate behavior during its events. If you are subject to or witness any inappropriate behavior during an event, please contact the Shorewalkers Organizers directly and report the behavior. Shorewalkers will investigate any reports of inappropriate behavior and take necessary action.

Shorewalkers encourages social media posts of photos and videos taken during our events. We remind our members that such photos/videos are subject to the Content & Privacy guidelines of said social media platform. Shorewalkers reserves the right to use the photos/videos in any manner and for any reason, except for commercial purposes, without remuneration or attribution. We require those who capture video with identifiable voice of a hike leader or walker, to obtain approval of that person prior to posting the content to social media.