Training For Long Distance Hikes

 Many potential Great Saunter participants have asked how to train for The Great Saunter, a walk of 32 miles, when the most they have walked is a few hours in the local park. Of course the easy answer is to go out and start walking every day and increase the time and distance—and we will probably never see you again. Walking is a social activity. Yes take a walk in the park, but with family, with friends, and with Shorewalkers. Leave your electronic devices at home. Enjoy the company, the sights, the sounds—the hours walking will pass quickly and you will be developing a healthful lifestyle.

To help you train we have scoured the internet and came across these two training articles for long distance walking that may assist in your training. We present these two links for your information only. Shorewalkers makes no claims as to the accuracy or benefits of this material.

Marathon Training:


4 Steps to Train for Long Distance Walking:




Cy A Adler

President of Shorewalkers