Route Directions

Fraunces Tavern Click for Map

1. Start the Great Saunter south on Broad Street from Fraunces Tavern to the riverfront, then past the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to pick up the Hudson River’s Greenway in Battery Park.                                         
2. Continue north along the Hudson River past Castle Clinton, into Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park and the Battery Park City Esplanade. Continue north parallel to the Hudson River past Chelsea Piers in Hudson River Park to midtown and into Riverside Park South (the former site of the Penn Central Freight Rail Yard) and Riverside Park towards Riverbank State Park (135th St.)

 Riverbank State Park (135th St.) to Inwood Hill Park

3. Continue on the Greenway with Riverbank State Park on your left
3.a An alternate route through River Bank State Park. At 135th St. walk up the steps you see on your right. Make a left (North) onto 12th Ave.  Turn left (West) onto the 138th St. overpass, crossing the highway and enter Riverbank State Park. Exit down the steps at the north end.
4. Proceed on the Greenway through Fort Washington Park to The Little Red Light House beneath the George Washington Bridge.
5. Veer right over the train trestle, and wind up the steps to the walk/bike path. Walk north parallel to the Westside Highway toward Inwood. Exit the walk/bike path at Staff St. At Dyckman, turn left (west) to the Hudson River. Enter Inwood Hill Park.

 Inwood Hill Park

6. Enter Inwood Hill Park at Dykman St walking northwest under the Viaduct.
7. Continue parallel to the railroad tracks toward the green footbridge. Walk over the footbridge crossing the railroad tracks into the forest of Inwood Hill Park and continue north.
8. Keep left at the two Y-intersections staying close to the waterfront with the river in view to your left, then pass beneath the Henry Hudson Bridge with the Harlem River to your left.
9. Just before the athletic fields, make a right at the T-intersection, which will lead to the flagpole,  restrooms and the official Great Saunter half time break in Inwood Hill Park.

 Inwood and South to Harlem

10. Exit Inwood Hill Park at Isham St. Continue down Isham St. to 10th Ave. At 10th Ave., walk south along 10th Ave. keeping left at the Y- intersection.
11. At the end of Dyckman and The Ellen Lurie PS 5, turn left (south) keeping the Harlem River Drive to your right, and follow the Harlem River Path along Highbridge Park beneath the Washington, Alexander Hamilton and High Bridges.  Follow the narrow path/ramp leading to 155th St."

 To South Harlem (Part 1)

12. Cross 155th Street onto Edgecombe Ave (at the 94 St. Nicholas Deli) and head south along Edgecombe Ave. to 145th St.
13. Turn left (east) onto 145th Street to Malcolm X Blvd.
14. Right onto Malcolm X Blvd to 143rd St.
15. Left onto 143rd St. along the park towards the East River rounding to 142nd St.
16. Cross the footbridge and walk south along the new Harlem River Park to 135th St.

 To South Harlem (Part 2)

17. As Harlem River Park exits at E 135th Street, turn left (south) onto Madison Ave to E 130th St.
18. Turn left (east) onto E 130th St. to Lexington Ave. then turn right (south) on Lexington Ave. to 128th St.
19.Turn left onto E 128th St. to 2nd Ave.
20. Turn right (south) onto 2nd Ave then left (east) onto 126th St to 1st Ave.
21. Turn right onto 1st Ave. south to Paladino Ave. Turn left onto Paladino Ave.  Cross the footbridge at E 120th St. and walk south along the East River towards Carl Shurtz Park.

 Queensboro/Ed Kotch Bridge

22. Exit the Greenway at E 60th St. crossing the pedestrian bridge.
23. Turn left  (south) onto Sutton Place (York Ave) to 53rd St. and then right (west) onto 53rd St.
24. Turn left (south) onto 1st Ave. and continue to 34th St.
25. Make a left (east) onto E 34th St. and proceed under the FDR drive, to reenter the Greenway heading south.

 Pier 11 to Finish

26. Continue on the Greenway passing the Seaport and proceed on South Street to Pier 11.
27. Exit the Greenway to your right at Pier 11 onto Gouvernor’s Lane and make a left onto Water Street. Turn right onto Broad Street at The Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern. Eat, drink and celebrate walking 32-miles!

Service Along the Route:  Restrooms, markets


 (route directions update: 11.11.15)


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