Hike Leader Guide (10/26/2017) by webmaster - by Tom Bergen,  Hike Leader Leading hikes is fun, interesting, challenging and rewarding. It is a very social volunteer opportunity that develops and rewards leadership skills, good decision-making and thorough planning. Planning and leading hikes lets you learn about the areas where you hike and your own capabilities and gives you the opportunity to meet Read More
Members Survey Results (10/16/2017) by webmaster -                                                               by Steven Miller We recently distributed a six question "2017 Shorewalkers Membership Survey" to determine how our events can best be tailored to your interests. One hundred thirty-two people responded. The findings are as follows: You enjoy all our events, especially on Saturdays, both in the five boroughs of New York City and in the surrounding Read More
Mayor de Blasio Announces Final Design of Project to Fill East Side Greenway Gap will Commence Next Week (9/30/2017) by webmaster - $100 million initiative comes as part of administration-wide push to complete a contiguous 32-mile waterfront pedestrian promenade and bikeway around Manhattan NEW YORK—As part of City Hall in your Borough week in Manhattan, Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that the formal design process for a new section of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway between East Read More
Trek Training Guide (9/18/2017) by webmaster - This article is reprinted from Do It For Charity Do It For Charity Although walking is something most people do every day, we strongly urge you to train for your trek. You should start training several months before the event and this Trek Training Guide will help you to do this. It is designed for Read More
Preventing Dehydration on Long Distance Hikes (9/18/2017) by webmaster - Dehydration is a condition in which the body loses more fluids than it takes in. It can be a potentially life-threatening illness. A number of participants on our long distance hikes such as The Great Saunter suffered from this serious illness. Prevention Replace the fluids lost through the skin (perspiration), through the lungs (exhaling), and Read More
Letter from the President Winter 2017 (7/26/2017) by webmaster - Do you remember your first walk with Shorewalkers? I do, very clearly. It was the Great Saunter in 2005, which I managed to finish despite strong protests from my feet after 30 miles. The Great Saunter changed the way I saw New York City. Hiking the shores of Manhattan revealed a running continuity among the Read More
Shorewalkers Members Survey (7/19/2017) by webmaster - Every year Shorewalkers organizes and leads dozens of walks around the NYC metropolitan area, and we’d like your opinions on how to make them better.   We want to make sure that the walks we’re organizing are the best fit for what interests you. To that end, we are distributing this very short survey to find Read More
Interview with Nick DiNapoli (7/19/2017) by webmaster -                                                      by Christine Yost Nick, a native New Yorker, first heard of Shorewalkers through a friend, some 20 years ago.  His first walk was one led by Shorewalkers founder Cy Adler on a cold winter day; a hike to see the fountains of New York City.  It was a first, no doubt intriguing impression and Nick joined Shorewalkers on Read More
Bridging the Gaps in Manhattan’s Waterfronts (7/14/2017) by webmaster - Shorewalkers know that long journeys are the sum of small steps taken one after another. And last night, we took a small step in opening another segment of Manhattan’s waterfront to the public.
Letter From the President (7/11/2017) by webmaster - Hi Shorewalkers, Spring has sprung, bringing flowers and perfect So why not check our calendar and sign up for a great urban hike!'  It's the ideal way to stay fit, make new friends and explore the riches of our great city and its environs. With the Great Saunter just  weeks away, it's also time to put in your miles to Read More