A Few Simple Rules

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1.    As a pre-registered participant you will receive a “Great Saunter race number,” along with safety pins for attaching it.  Please put this on your chest or back when you arrive at the start, so that we’ll know you have already registered. You will not need to wait in line to check in if you have pre-registered.

2.    Pick up a Program Guide/ Map for the Great Saunter when you arrive.  These will be readily available, and will include useful information for the walk.

3.    Bring food and water in a small day pack. At certain points we will distribute water bottles and snacks, but we have only limited supplies. There are stores along the route where some supplies may be purchased. Drink plenty of water, and liquids with electrolytes to prevent dehydration. There are numerous public restrooms along the way; we suggest bringing tissue/toilet paper. We also encourage sunblock, weather appropriate attire, spare socks (prevent sweating and blisters), and comfortable shoes!

4.    Don’t get lost.  Stay with the group or refer to “Directions at Difficult Points” on your map. If you are not familiar with the route, join a group or ask for help from a Great Saunter Volunteer.

5.    Socialize with other participants– this is a social event not a race! Enjoy the countless sites of the natural and urban landscapes of New York City! We encourage you to join our facebook and meetup pages online and share your photos!

6.    The Great Saunter path shares many pathways with other walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and skateboarders.  Be considerate – pay attention to which lanes are designated for walkers and do not form large groups that block the walkway, preventing bicyclists and from pedaling through. At certain points you may be asked to walk in a single filed line to allow cyclists and joggers easy passage.

7.    Walk safely.  Neither Shorewalkers nor its members are responsible in any way for the hazards involved in walking or the condition of the pathways.  As a walker in this event you assume the responsibilities and risks of walking. Please wear comfortable walking shoes! In the event of an emergency, ask a fellow walker for help or call for a park ranger.

8.    Join us at the Fraunces Tavern to celebrate and to receive your certificate of completion when you successfully finish The Great Saunter route.