Bear Mountain Bridge to Nyack via the Batt to Bear Trail

Meet: at 7:30 a.m. at the Information Booth in Grand Central. We will be taking the 7:43 a.m. Hudson Line Poughkeepsie train to the Manitou station; the train stops at Harlem 125th Street at 7:54, Tarrytown at 8:22, arriving in Manitou at 8:55 a.m. The fare is $14.00, $9.25 senior. 

Get in the last or second to last car of the train. The only door to open at Manitou will be between those two cars.

Here is the Metro North Hudson Line Schedule: Metro North Hudson Line Schedule

Route: We will be walking along Route 9W in three sections for about 4 miles total, about 7 miles on trails (Jones Point Path and Hook Mountain path), and the rest on local roads and through parks. Here is a link to the map of the walk:

The route is Manitou Train Station to Route 9D, across the Bear Mountain Bridge to the Bear Mountain Inn (at 3 miles, restrooms, water, snacks) south on Route 9W to the 2-mile long Jones Point Path.

Then, River Road to 9W to West Shore Drive to 9W to Cove Deli (one restroom and takeout) then Park Road to Stony Point Battlefield (at 10 miles, lunch, restrooms, lame water fountain, no garbage cans).

Leaving the battlefield, Park Road to Georgian Court to Jackson Drive to Farley Drive to Tompkins Avenue to Beach Road to Vincent Clark Park (at 12 miles, garbage cans, restrooms) to Grassy Point Road to River Road to Beach Road, then through Pecks Pond Park (at 14 miles, water and restrooms).

Then Beach Road to McKenzie Avenue to Warren Avenue to Broadway to Main Street (at 15 miles, three buses to drop out, stores for water and snacks, restrooms at the library) and to First Street to Elk Street to West Street.

Then, West Street to Riverside Avenue to the Hook Mountain path (at 18.5 miles, restrooms at the south end of the 4.9 mile path) to North Broadway in Nyack (at 23.5 miles) to the bus stop in front of the Brickhouse bar at 28 South Broadway (restrooms at the bar or the Starbucks on Main Street).

Lunch: We will stop at Cove Deli along 9W in Tompkins Cove then eat lunch at Stony Point Battlefield, which has restrooms and a lame water fountain, but no food. 

The return: We should reach Nyack by 6:00 p.m. and catch the Rockland Coach 9A/9T bus. There is a 5:38 bus that does not stop at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station and arrives at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 6:50. There is a 6:38 bus that reaches the George Washington Bridge Bus Station at 7:27 and the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 7:52 and an 8:08 bus which does not stop at the George Washington Bridge Bus Station and arrives at the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 9:15.

Here is the Rockland Coach 9A/9T schedule: Rockland Coach

Leader: Tom Bergen 917-727-5507 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event date: 6- 10-2017 7:30 AM
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Hikeleader Tom Bergen
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