The Gothamist: An Interview with Cy Adler

The Gothamist: An Interview with Cy Adler.   Click on the title below:

Cy Adler President of Shorewalkers



During the past 22 years, Shorewalkers created waterfront hiking around the NY area, and in the process, improved the health and stamina of thousands of walkers, as we led them where they had never been before – sometimes cul-de-sacs and dusty dead end paths.

 Shorewalkers is dedicated to protecting open space and scenic trails for all to enjoy. We lead over 100 free, guided hikes each year. Volunteers have donated over 10,000 hours to improving the environment and showing people where to walk in nature.

Our map of the 56-mile Batt-To-Bear Trail (Battery to Bear Mountain) is free on our website. Two guide books by Shorewalkers' President Cy Adler, Walking Manhattan’s Rim, & Walking the Hudson, Batt-To-Bear are acknowledged as unique, and in demand.

HARLEM RIVER VALLEY MAP/GUIDE PUBLISHED JANUARY 2007. We have created a 4-color map guide which gives details of the parks, historic sights and schools and bridges in the area. Now we seek help with printing and distribution of the map. Help distribute the map and develop support for the Grand Harlem River Park.

Join Shorewalkers; explore the city around its edges, meet new friends; help us conserve our parks and greenways; help develop new places to walk in nature.

Membership is still only $20 per year.



Shorewalkers published a map and guide to the Harlem River Valley.  This four-color map/guide displays the many attractions along the six-mile stretch of the Harlem River.  It features a trail, charted by Shorewalkers, that takes the walker under and over the spectacular bridges spanning the River and to the many cultural, recreational, educational and other attractions in Upper Manhattan and the West Bronx. Shorewalkers’ HRV MAP/GUIDE will be of great interest to educators, developers, environmentalists, walkers, businesses, visitors, and government.  The HRV MAP/GUIDE will encourage people to visit the area, frequent its businesses, and enjoy its recreational opportunities.

Among the letters of Letters of Support we have received  for the map are those from Hon. Adrian Benepe, NYC Parks Commissioner;  Hon. Adolfo Carrion, Bronx B.P.; Hon. Helen Foster, Chair of Parks Committee of the NY  City Council.

We thank the Littauer Foundation, NYC Councilperson Helen Foster, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, and NYC Environmental Fund for grants supporting this project. We welcome other persons and groups who would like to help print and distribute the HRV Map/Guide.

Copies of the Harlem River Valley Map/Guide are available at $4.00 each, plus $1.50 per copy for shipping and handling. Shorewalkers also has a small number of complimentary copies available to nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

For a full copy of the map, click the following link:  Harlem River Map and Guide



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