Rock Fall on the Palisades

A 500-foot rock face came crashing down from the Palisades cliffs along the Hudson River in Alpine, N.J. on Saturday night, shaking the ground for more than half a minute and dumping a fresh layer of boulders over a 100-yard strip of parkland below State Line Lookout. The shaking was strong enough to be registered by a seismic station a mile and a half away, at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, but no one was injured.

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Unforced March: Sauntering Along All 32 Miles of Manhattan's Coastline

New York Magazine featured The Great Saunter 2012 . Click the link below to read the article:

Unforced March:Sauntering All 32 Miles Of Manhattan's Coastlne

The Walking Man

Cyrus A Adler has been profiled recently in the West Side Spirit.  Click the title below to see read the arlicle:

       The Walking Man

Cy Adler and Shorewalkers in the News

Cy Adler and Shorewalkers have recently been profiled in the Wahington Post on December 11, 2011.  Click on the link below to read the entire article:

The Impulsive Traveler: Walking New York City's shorelines

Walking by Waters


WALKING BY WATERS is a collection of mostly urban, waterfront, color photos taken from 1984 to 2010, mainly of shore areas most New Yorkers know nothing about. These extraordinary photos were snapped mainly by Cy Adler, founder of Shorewalkers, Inc. The book is dedicated to all the shorewalkers who have helped plan and organize many of the scenes you will see depicted herein. Purchase your copy here.

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Shorewalkers' president Cy A Adler and Pete Seeger sing "The Shorewalkers Saunter"


Hello! The Great Saunter of 2009 was a huge success! Thank you for your support! For a list of upcoming Shorewalkers events, please check our hike calendar.

On April 18, 2009, Shorewalkers' president Cy A Adler sang "The Shorewalkers Saunter" with its co-writer, folk singer Pete Seeger. See below for a full news release, pictures and a recording of the performance.

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MANHATTAN WATER-BOUND– 308 pg, second edition. Syracuse Univ. Press.


 Shorewalker Ann Buttenwieser’s fascinating account of New York Island’s waterfront from the 17th century to the present is a comprehensive and well-written account of the many changes that have taken place since the Dutch West Indies Company first built piers on the East River. Ann examines how events like the container revolution, the collapse of the Westway project and the recent rise in environmental consciousness has changed NYC’s waterfront. Interesting and little-known facets of New York’s history, like Bellevue hospital’s floating sun deck, are brought to life with detailed photographs and descriptions. In fact, Ann has recently been involved in bringing another floating swimming pool to New York, see The book is available from Syracuse University Press.

Ms. Buttenwieser’s engrossing history complements Cy A Adler’s WALKING MANHATTAN’S RIM: THE GREAT SAUNTER, which is available to Shorewalkers for only $10. Visit for details



The following is from the current draft of the history of Shorewalkers, being written in celebration of our 25th anniversary celebration. Pick up your copy at the party on December 1!


The Shorewalkers was formed in 1982 after a few curious New Yorkers set out to explore the waterfronts and shorelines in the greater New York Metropolitan region. In the 1980's, large sections of the shoreline were inaccessible and several piers were inhabited by homeless people who set up shacks in their darkened recesses. To Shorewalkers, the City’s waterfront was, and is, a breath of fresh salt air, exciting, scary at times, and ever-changing.

"The Shorewalkers intend to hike the entire coast of NYC..." read the introduction in the first, brief Shorewalkers’ newsletter. The Village Voice and other local weeklies listed our first monthly walks. A few brave, curious souls came along to explore the virtually unknown waterfront.



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