Morningside Heights Potholes

 This minute and a half video, including an interview with Cy Adler, President of Shorewalkers,  discusses the potholes along the route of the Great Saunter along Cherry Walk.  Click the link below to watch this brief video.

The Great Saunter May 4, 2013

Congratulations  to all 943 particpants of the 28th Annual Great Saunter and the 450 of you who completed this 32 mile saunter. This has truely become both a national and international event, with people coming from California, Florida, Texas, Ontario and a number of European countries to participate and see parts of our shores most New Yorkers never see.

Whether you completed all 32 miles like 11-year-old Morgan Tang and 80-year-old Yaco Genense, or a section of The Great Saunter foot path, the personal benifits and sharing the beauty of New York shores, parks, and greenways with so many of our neighbors was truely a unique experience.



Love on the ...

It was eight years ago when Jean, an elementary school teacher here in the Kansas City area, saw one of my flyers about The Great Saunter.  Being physically active she decided it was something she wanted to do.  Inviting her boyfriend, knowing that he was not as physically active, she was surprised by his quick and affirmative response.   You see Jim decided this would be a great opportunity to propose marriage  while on their trip to NYC for the Saunter.  He proposed to her at the top of the Empire State Building.  Thus, had Cy Adler never started this event, this would never have happened at such a grand location.  It is interesting how one event can lead to others, and am sure there are many other interesting stories that have happened because of this great event. 


Submitted by Fred Hartman

Teach Kids About the Shore

Shorewalkers was awarded a small grant by Citizens Committee of New York
to encourage youngsters to shore walk. In our archipelagos city shore walking can be extraordinarily educationalas well as healthful. See our magnificent waterfront and more at 3 MPH.

Walking the Hudson From the Battery to Bear Mountain

Walking Manhattan’s Rim - the Great Saunter

are excellent books for teachers who want to show their students nature, geography, economics and history while at the same time giving their kids fresh air and exercise. We would like volunteers who might help in this effort. If intereste, please send an email TEACH KIDS ABOUT THE SHORE to:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cy A Adler

Rock Fall on the Palisades

A 500-foot rock face came crashing down from the Palisades cliffs along the Hudson River in Alpine, N.J. on Saturday night, shaking the ground for more than half a minute and dumping a fresh layer of boulders over a 100-yard strip of parkland below State Line Lookout. The shaking was strong enough to be registered by a seismic station a mile and a half away, at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, but no one was injured.

Click the following link for the complete article:  Rock Fall.       

Unforced March: Sauntering Along All 32 Miles of Manhattan's Coastline

New York Magazine featured The Great Saunter 2012 . Click the link below to read the article:

Unforced March:Sauntering All 32 Miles Of Manhattan's Coastlne

The Walking Man

Cyrus A Adler has been profiled recently in the West Side Spirit.  Click the title below to see read the arlicle:

       The Walking Man

Cy Adler and Shorewalkers in the News

Cy Adler and Shorewalkers have recently been profiled in the Wahington Post on December 11, 2011.  Click on the link below to read the entire article:

The Impulsive Traveler: Walking New York City's shorelines


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