The Great Saunter 2015

                                           by  Jack Shi, hike leader    

On Thursday night I was cycling back after rock climbing in Brooklyn. As I slowed down and took a sip of water, I hit a pothole I didn’t see and the next thing I knew, I was midair on my way to the ground. I had fallen on my right side. I walked my bike to the WTC PATH station and took the train home. I worked from home on Friday and had checked it out at the medical clinic. I had abrasions in multiple areas throughout my body, hyperextended my neck, and a piece of my wrist bone had chipped off.

Saturday was the Great Saunter, the epic 32-mile walk around the island of Manhattan in a day. I had every reason not to go, but I had to. I did not finish last year due to inadequate gear and am leaving in 3 weeks to go cycle across the country. I needed to try to do as much as I can in New York before I go. This was on that list. I also really believed that if I could not finish this, I would not be able to do the 50 miles of walking in a day in 2 weeks as part of the Freewalkers Big Walk. Strong motivation that, my dreams.

My dad came with me and after waiting in line to get our packet, we were off!

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