Storm King Art Center Day Trip

We'll take the round-trip Short Line bus to Storm King Art Center and spend the day walking among the dozens of sculptures spread among the 500 landscaped acres. I will lead a walk through the grounds of the art center, you can join me for some or all of the walk, or make your own way around the grounds. 

The Storm King Art Center is named after the nearby Storm King Mountain, but is not actually on Storm King Mountain. The art center includes the Meadows, Museum Hill, the South Fields and the North Woods. There are paths, roads, fields and lawns to walk on, there are some steep hills, but the steep hills can be avoided. The art center includes works by Alexander Calder, David Smith, Mark Di Suvero, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, Richard Serra and Mya Lin and many others. 

The highest part of the art center is Museum Hill, a high bluff which has an old mansion converted into an art museum as well as a snack bar and restrooms. There is a three story elevator building that connects Museum Hill to the Meadows. 

Maps will be handed out when we arrive at the art center. There is a free tram that does a 30-minute route around the grounds, starting and ending at the lower level of the elevator building. The tram is hop-on/hop-off, but is usually too crowded for anybody to get on once it begins its route, so don't plan to get on the tram along the route. If you want to ride the tram, best to get on at the beginning of its route by the elevator building. 

We will begin our walk by walking across the Meadow to the elevator building and going up to Museum Hill, where restrooms, snack bar, museum and many sculptures are located. After a quick stop for restroom and coffee, we will head south down the hill and walk around the South Fields and see the Three-Legged Buddha, the Storm King Wall, Maya Lin's Wavefield and the many large, steel Mark Di Suvero sculptures. 

Then we will once again take the elevator up to Museum Hill and have a lunch break, during which you can view the museum exhibits and the sculptures surrounding the museum, including pieces by Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi and David Smith.

Next, we walk north into the North Woods, then circle back to the lower level of the elevator building for the third time. From there, the tram is available, or you can wander around on your own. The bus leaves at 5:02, try to get to the bus stop by 4:45. 

Here is a link to the art center website: Storm King 

Here is the Wikipedia: Storm King Wikipedia

Here is the 2016 map of Storm King: Storm King map - get the 2017 map when you get off the bus.  

Food: Bring lunch, snacks, beverages. There is a snack bar by the museum, a taco truck in the parking lot and a cafe in the North Woods, but the lines are long, the menu is limited, the food is unremarkable and the prices are high. 

Restrooms: The only actual restrooms are located at the back of the museum, near the snack bar. Otherwise, there are port-a-pottys liberally placed throughout the grounds. Once we all get off the bus and gather ourselves together, our first stop will be the restrooms and snack bar behind the museum and from there we will begin our walk.

Important Bus Information: The Storm King bus experience is very simple and also confusing, annoying and frustrating.

The bus package is $47.00 and includes round-trip transportation from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Storm King and admission to Storm King, which is usually $12.00 or $10.00 senior. There is no senior discount for the bus package.

Here is a link to the Short Line nus page: Short Line bus

The Short Line ticket window is on the second floor of the North wing of the bus terminal. The morning bus is scheduled to leave Port Authority at 10:00 and arrive at Storm King at 11:25. The evening bus is scheduled to leave Storm King at 5:02 and arrive back at Port Authority at 6:25.

Morning Bus: The bus leaves from Port Authority at 10:00. The ticket lines and bus lines can get very long on Saturday mornings, so get to the terminal by 9:00 to get your tickets, Tickets can be purchased online, but all you will get is a receipt - you still have to bring the receipt to the ticket window to get your tickets to get on the bus.  If you can, go to the Port Authority some day before the hike to get your ticket. So far as I can tell, these tickets are non-refundable; they can be used for travel to Storm King on any day, but cannot be returned. So consider carefully your schedule and the weather forecast before buying your ticket.

The bus to Storm King usually leaves from gates around Gate 405-409 on the fourth level of the bus terminal, ask when buying your ticket. There are also gate attendants in the hallway by the gates who you can ask. Once one bus gets filled with people going to Storm King, the attendants will direct others to another gate for the next bus. Sometimes, the bus to Storm King will include people who are going to Woodbury Commons and the bus will stop at Woodbury Commons first on the way to Storm King. This adds maybe 15 minutes to the bus trip. When you step off the bus at Storm King, hand your admission ticket to the attendant and he will either hand you a map or point to a box of maps on the ground.

Evening Bus:  The return bus from Storm King will stop at the same bus shelter where we get off the morning bus. Wait directly in front of the bus shelter for the bus, the first evening bus can get full and then you have to wait for the next bus, so you want to be in position to be one of the people that gets on the first bus. The return bus may also make a stop at Woodbury Commons. The return bus is scheduled to arrive at the Port Authority at 6:25; last week my return bus arrived at the Port Authority at 7:10.  


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