GWB and the Long Path

Distance: 9 miles

Here’s how I will celebrate the 4th of July. First, I will walk over George Washington Bridge. Then saunter through the Fort Lee Historic Park. Pass the community of Burdette’s Landing. Walk down to the shore trail where we find the poetry benches. Continue on the path under the GWB for lunch at Ross Dock. (Don’t forget to bring your own). Then, I will do the Carpenter’s Trail, a spectacular 320’ walk up to the Long Path. Go north on the Long Path, with great views of Hudson, to the Dyckman Hill Trail. Down again, 340’ this time to the Englewood Boat Basin. I will then take the Shore Trail South and go up the Carpenter’s Trail a second time. And before going back to the starting point, I always like to stop at 7-11 in Fort Lee for an iced coffee and a well-deserved snack. If I am not too tired I will walk back on the bridge or take the jitney instead.

 If this sounds like a good idea you can join me for a very nice day.

Meet before 9:45 am at park on Cabrini Boulevard, between 178th and 177th streets, two blocks before the GWB walkway. Bring lunch, snack, at least 2 liters of drink and appropriate footwear for woods and rocky trails. The A train will take you to 175th street, which is 3 blocks away. Neighborhood parking is an option.

 This hike continues the Battery to Bear Mountain series, which began on Memorial Day consisting of leg 4 and half of leg 5. The hike is roughly 9 miles at a 2 - 2.5 mph pace, slowing for pictures and elevation changes. We may end as late as 4 pm. It will be a sociable day. So speed walkers / runners should find another activity.

 Registration desired, not required. No email day of hike. 

Note: Last year there were over 80 AMC and Shore walker hikers. It takes a long time to sign in. If you don’t mind coming early, there are benches in this park for waiting.

George Washington bridge footpath

Event date: 7- 4-2017 9:45 AM
Members Free
Hikeleader L Irv Reich
Phone 917-913-2742
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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