About: Shorewalkers is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting and preserving New York City's surrounding shores. Our environmental and outdoors group has been a leading advocate for projects such as the development of the Grand Harlem River Park, a park larger and more diverse than Central Park, the 330-mile Hudson River Trail, and the opening to the public of Hudson River property. Shorewalkers was instrumental in developing the Batt to Bear Trail, 56 miles from the Battery to Bear Mountain.

Since 1982, Shorewalkers has led invigorating walks exploring varied and extensive shore areas in and around New York City. Shorewalkers, and its premier annual event, THE GREAT SAUNTER, which takes place the first Saturday in May each year, have won praise and recognition from civic leaders and New York State Legislators.

THE SHOREWALKER is the newsletter of Shorewalkers Inc., a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to exploring and preserving the shores and wetlands of New York City and surrounding areas. We walk through and enjoy the outdoors, support efforts to build and maintain open spaces along our public waterways, educate people about the water front and encourage all to enjoy our environment.

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